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Holdinn Genius

What is Holdinn Genius?

Holdinn Genius is one of the tools that we utilize to reduce prices for our special customers. Genius customers get a brilliant discount, that is it! 

How Holdinn Genius works?

  1. Login / Create New Account at holdinn.com
  2. Use the code or update your reference company from your profile to have the Holdinn Genius.
  3. To view your Holdinn Genius, login to your account and search for hotels.
  4. Book your hotel and enjoy saving your money.

How Can I join Holdinn Genius?


1. Join Us

Create an account at Holdinn.com.


2. Use your reference

Use the code or update your reference company from your profile to have the Holdinn Genius.

3. Book your chosen hotel

Search and book your hotel through Holdinn Genius.

Terms and Conditions

  • Holdinn Genius is offered directly from the hotels through holdinn.com, and holdinn.com is only an avenue for these offers.
  • Holdinn Genius is applied only for specific users from hotels who participated in this program.
  • Holdinn Genius is obtained based on the user profile and other relevant information.
  • The user has to provide the hotel the supporting document to gain the Holdinn Genius.
  • The terms and conditions of the Holdinn Genius may be changed or modified at any time without any prior notification, so it is your obligation to check terms and conditions when using the site. Holdinn Genius can be terminated at any time without any obligation or indemnity whatsoever.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to be enrolled in Holdinn Genius?

Only create an account with holdinn.com Use the Code or update your reference company from profile.

Why do I have to use the code or update my reference company to see Holdinn Genius?

Because it is a Genius and provided to the only targeted audience.

How can I get this Holdinn Genius?

Use the code or update your reference company from your profile and will be able to see your Holdinn Genius offered to you.

How long will the Holdinn Genius last?

Current offers and new Holdinn Genius are added continually.

What are the factors that Holdinn Genius is based on?

It is provided based on many factors including customer work, customer frequent bookings, and other factors.


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