What's the Holdinn’s Affiliate Partner Program (HAP)?

Affiliate Partner Program

No booking fees! Booking hotels through holdinn.com have a lower rate or as same as the booking from the hotel directly. No booking fees! Booking hotels through holdinn.com have the lower rate or as same as the booking from the hotel directly. Like popular booking websites, the hotels pay commissions for booking gone through the website. However, holdinn.com pay a big portion of these commissions to its affiliate partners.

Holdinn.com Affiliate Partner Program (HAP) is a unique opportunity that enables anyone to partner with holdinn.com to earn the best commission value, which is 50%, from online booking platform commission. It is a business opportunity where you can make money through booking hotels through holdinn.com.

No technical skill nor other requirements to partner with holdinn.com. Only use the provided sharing tools to integrate with our customer-facing services in return, you will earn a favorable commission for every booking made through it. We constantly optimize options that mean more booking that will turn more money for you.

Using Whatsapp, social media, email, blogs or your website you can affiliate with holdinn.com and earn money. Our team is ready to provide the required support whenever needed.

Why should I join the HAP?

Earn up to 60% of Commission with us

Earn up to 50% of Commission

Holdinn Affiliate Partner program (HAP) enables you to distribute its services through Whatsapp, social media, email, blogs or your website you can and in return, you’ll earn 50% commission for each booking made through your affiliate.



50,000+ Properties


The increasing number of hotels offers and promotions with varieties of options.

With a growing number of hotels with travel agents, you will ensure getting the most suitable accommodation.


Easy Integration


Easy integration because technical Knowledge and extra tools are not required.

Setup HAP promotional tools easily, you'll be running it in minutes with no technical requirements.


World’s online leading Hotel Booking website

World class online hotel booking website

Joining HoldInn.com Affiliate Partner program (HAP) means you have joined hands with world-class online Hotel reservation site. Our website offers unique content, many choices of accommodation which lead to high conversion rates.


Data at your Fingertips

Data at your Fingertips

You can track your performance, earnings and more on your dashboard along with detailed reporting.


We’re Here to Help

We're Here to Help

HAP is designed to enable you to easily adapt the program and monetize your traffic optimally. It works with the website that helps you to earn commission and generate revenue. Holdinn team is ready to provide the required support whenever is need it.

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Earn Money through using these easy steps (100% free to join)

Earn money by participating in HAP. We offer highly competitive commissions up to 50% that is paid for each booking gone through your shared holdinn.com using the provided tools, with your friends, followers, and others.You can online track and follow up with reports on your account. It is easy to implement which allows you to start earning within few minutes.

Login Steps

Step : 1Sign up as a customer and enroll in the Holdinn Affiliate Partner Program (HAP)

Step : 2Login to your account and share links from your account using the sharing tools such as Whatsapp, Social media, blogs, email, your website, and other means. Also, from your account, you can use the Affiliation Options such as Banners, Widget, and links. You can track your affiliate bookings from your account.

Step : 3Your commission will be paid to you when you have reached the minimum amount generated.

Holdinn Affiliate Partner (HAP) FAQ

Who can join the HAP?

Everybody is welcomed, anyone who is interested can be a partner with holdinn.com and earn money. Participate now in HAP and enjoy the benefits of offering the best hotel bookings for visitors and followers.

How do I sign up?

Just login in your HoldInn.com as a customer, go to the Holdinn's Affiliate Partner program (HAP), read and accept the Affiliate Partner agreement.

Is joining HAP a free?

Absolutely,Signing up for Holdinn.com Affiliate Partner Program (HAP) is completely FREE. If you need any further help regarding sign up process, please use contact us form from the homepage footer.

Is it possible to join HAP without a website?

Yes, of course, it is possible to participate in HAP without a website. You can share the links via Whatsapp blog, email, social media, and any other means.

Can I add the link from any page on www.holdInn.com? Will it work properly?

After you login, definitely, you can add any link for any page such as homepage, specific city page or any page as it offers higher conversion results. Make sure you get the shared pages URL from the sharing tools in your account at Holdinn.com.

How can I earn money with HoldInn Affiliate Partner Program (HAP)?

We will pay you a commission for your affiliate hotel bookings. You will get the commission for new and recurrent booking according to the commission structure.

When I’ll get paid?

Payment would be on a monthly basis when reaching the minimum commission payout according to the commission payout criteria.

How to increase my commission income?

Placing affiliate links in larger traffic on websites, social media, and blogs. More booking from your affiliate is more commission you earn. The higher booking amount from your affiliate is the higher earned commission.

Does HAP require a specific time or specific length?

No, you are free to work whenever you want. We provide assistance to support and advise you on how to affiliate more revenue based on targeted country, city etc.


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