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What is the Holdinn Affiliate?

Although there are NO booking fees, Holdinn Affiliate Program enables anyone to earn valued commission from hotels. Moreover, affiliates can share discount coupons to promote booking hotels and accommodation through holdinn.com with discounted prices. Unlike other programs, the Holdinn Affiliates platform allows the affiliate to earn a frequent commission from hotels and the users to get discounts.

Affiliate Program

Through Holdinn Affiliate, you can share hotels with discounts through holdinn.com via any means, where users get the best hotel rate. The affiliate will earn a commission from hotels for every booking made through it.

No technical skills or other requirements are needed to work on the holdinn.com Affiliate. Only use the provided discount code and the sharing tools to integrate with our customer-facing services. Our team is ready to provide the required support whenever needed.

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Why should I join the Holdinn Affiliate Program?

Earn commission from hotels with high %

Earn high % commission from hotels.

Earn a high % commission from hotels for each booking made through your Holdinn Affiliate.



50,000+ Properties


Discounts, and offers from hotels and other accommodation are increasing

With a growing number of hotels and hosts, with discounts and offers, you will ensure getting the most suitable accommodation for guests.


Easy Integration


Easy integration, no need for technical knowledge or extra tools.

Setup Holdinn Affiliate promotional tools easily, you'll be running it in minutes with no technical requirements. publish its services through WhatsApp, social media, email, blogs, or your website


World’s online leading Hotel Booking website

Holden Affiliate user gets high return

Holdinn platform users book directly from the hosts (hotels and other accommodations) and since they get the best prices, special offers and discounts, this leads to the affiliate user getting a high return.


Data at your Fingertips

Data at your Fingertips

You can track your performance, earnings, and more on your dashboard along with detailed reporting.


We’re Here to Help

We're Here to Help

Holdinn Affiliate is designed to enable its users to adapt the program and monetize their traffic optimally. Holdinn team is ready to provide the required support whenever it is needed.

Earn from hotels through using these easy steps (100% free to join)

Earn highly competitive commission from hotels on bookings gone by your Holdinn Affiliate. Use the provided discount coupon and sharing options to share with your friends, followers, and others. You can track performance and follow up reports on your account. It is easy to implement and to start earning within a few minutes.

  • 1 Sign Up & Register Sign up as a customer and enroll in the Holdinn Affiliate Program
  • 2 Copy Code & Share

    Login to your account. get a discount coupon, links, and other sharing tools to share via Whatsapp, Social media, blogs, email, your website, and other means.

  • 3 Earn from hotels

    Your collected commission from hotels will be paid to you when you have reached the .minimum amount generated You can track your affiliate performance from your affiliate reports.

Holdinn Affiliate FAQ

Q.How can I earn money with the HoldInn Affiliate Program?

You will get paid commission from hotels through the holdinn.com platform. You will get the commission from hotels for new and recurring bookings.


Q.When will I get paid?

From your account at holdinn.com, you can track your affiliate commission status. You will get paid for due commissions monthly when reaching the minimum commission payout according to the commission payout criteria.


Q.How to increase my commission income?

More booking from your affiliate is the more commission you earn. The higher the booking amount from your affiliate is the higher commission you earn. Increase booking by placing affiliate links in larger traffic on websites, social media, and blogs. 


Q.Does the Holdinn Affiliate require work to be a specific time or specific length?

No, you are free to work whenever you want. We provide you the supporting tools to affiliate more revenue based on the booking gone through your affiliates.

Q.How will I get paid?

Transferred to your account according to the authorized transfer methods at the time of transfer.

Q.What are the sharing options?

You can share a discount code, URLs, Banners, and widgets.
check the sharing options page.

Q.Who can join the Holdinn Affiliate?

Everybody is welcomed. Anyone interested can register in holdinn.com Affiliate Program and earn money. Participate now in Holdinn Affiliate and enjoy the benefits of getting commissions from hotels.

Q.How do I sign up?

Just login in your HoldInn.com as a customer, go to the Holdinn's Affiliate Partner program, read and accept the Affiliate Partner Agreement.

If you need any further help regarding the sign-up process, please use the contact us form from the homepage footer.

Q.Is joining Holdinn Affiliate free?

Absolutely yes, Signing up for Holdinn.com Affiliate Program is completely FREE. If you need any further help regarding the sign-up process, please use the contact us form from the homepage footer.

Q.Is it possible to join the Holdinn Affiliate without a website?

Yes, of course, it is possible to participate in the Holdinn Affiliate without a website. You can share the discount code and/or links via Whatsapp blog, email, social media, and any other means.


Q.Can I add the link from any page on www.holdInn.com? Will it work properly?

After you log in, you can share any link from the homepage, specific city page, or any hotel page. Make sure you get the shared page URL from the sharing tools in your account at holdinn.com. Click here for more information about Holddinn Affiliate - Sharing options.

Holdinn Affiliate Agreement


  Holdinn Affiliate Program


Open the Arabic page to find the Affiliate Agreement.





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