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t is considered among Makkah State cities and located in western south of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The City has an official population of approximately 1.200.000 people and an area of 87561 square kilometer. It is 1700 meters above sea level.   The City is considered of great strategic importance in tourism and antiquity. It is considered one of the most significant mountainous resorts and the richest cities of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of antiquity.

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Touristic Locations At Taif City

Touristic Locations At Taif City

Taif City, situating at Makkah State, is considered one of the most magical cities in Saudi Arabia, for it owns a strategic location and moderate climate which are main reasons for attracting tourists to pay the city a visit. There are many antique and touristic locations in Taif City; for instance, Shubra Historic Palace Museum established in Shubra District at Taif by Ali Abdulla Bin Awn Basha in 1323 A.H. corresponding 1905 A.D. which is distinctive for its architecture mingling between Roman and Islamic traditional architecture in Hijaz Region. It is architectural masterpiece from inside and outside and it is surrounded by trees and its chambers and ceilings decorated with woody inscriptions. It is considered one of the most antique landmarks in Taif and it is transformed into museum in 1415 A.H. corresponding to 1995 A.D.  In addition to Watani Museum which is considered one of the largest and most important locations in Taif and it contains more than 30.000 pieces of antiquity including historic properties, local traditional pieces from old ages, old manuscripts, photos, stony substances, rock sculptures, weapons, ammunition, and old crafts equipments. Also, there are Okaz Museum, the Green Village Museum, Ismael Palace, Marwan Castle in Bani Marwan home, and Al Orafaa Antique Castle.  There are many festivals held in Taif City such as Taif Summer Festival, Taif Winter Festival, and Al Hada Festival as well as races like: Camel Race and Horse Race in King Khalid Arena. Among lovely places for tourism are restaurants include: Mirage Restaurant,  Restaurant, Al Baik Restaurant, Kentucky Restaurant, and Chinese Restaurants .

Hotels At Taif City

Hotels At Taif City

Taif City contains main places for tourism; hotels of all sort of categories such as Intercontinental Taif Hotel, Awaliv International Hotel Al Taif, Ramada Al Hada Hotel And Suites, Boudl Taif, Sun Rise Hotel Apartment, Tulip Inn Taif, and Al Tayyar Suites Hotel Apartments.

Places of entertainment and shopping at Taif City

Places of entertainment and shopping at Taif City

Taif City is considered one of the most suitable spots for entertainment, shopping, and relaxation due to the nature of the city and special location. There are lots of parks; for instance, Municipality Gardens Park, the Red Sheb Park, Al Radef Park, Al Hizam Al Akhdar Park, and Al Naseem Park. Also, there are gardens like: Al Assasad Garden, King Fahd Garden, Al Hawiya Garden, Zoo Garden, and Peninsula Garden which is designed similar to Peninsula map. Also, Taif is full of many shopping centres such as Tail International Mall, Al Nakheel Mall, Al Kamal Mall, Al Obaikan Mall, Al Remal Mall, Taif Mall, and Al Masyaf Mall. There are many amusement cities like: Alker Amusement city and Rawabi Land Park.

Hospitals and medical centers at Taif City

Hospitals and medical centers at Taif City

The medical organisations are considered as the major amenities at Taif City due to the significance of having medical care of high quality to maintain the health of citizens. Among these organisations are King Faisal Hospital, King Abdullah Specialist Hospital, Chest Diseases Hospital, Armed Forces Hospital, ChildrenHospital, and Mental Health Hospital. Furthermore, there are several clinics and medical centers; for instance, Al Mukhtar Clinic, Al Sadara Clinic,  Al Andalus Polyclinic, and Al Salam Clinic

Universities And Colleges At Taif City

Universities And Colleges At Taif City

Taif City contains several universities and colleges that contribute to build well-qualified and sufficient graduates such as Taif University, Education College, Health College, Technical College, Teachers College, and King Abdullah Air Defense College.


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