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Al Ahsa City is considered as the oasis of beauty, palm, and fountains and one of the most beautiful cities at Eastern State.
Al Ahsa City has an official population of approximately 1.150.000 people.
It is deemed as the thread of connection between Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. It is known for continental weather similar to the rest of the Kingdom cities.  

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Touristic locations at Al Ahsa City

Touristic locations at Al Ahsa City

Al Ahsa City contains lots of tourism places; for instance, Qarah Mountain, beautifully viewing the city, which is the main place for pottery. House of Baia, which was the residence of King Abdulaziz and the place where city officials and riches have him nominated and appointed with Baia in the house opened for visits. There is also Ibrahim Palace , the most famous in the city, for it represents the main governing center build in Ottoman Style. Moreover, Al Ahsa is full of palaces like: The Antique Sahood Palace , Mohairis Palace, Abo Jalal Palace, Al Obaid Palace, and Al Khuzam Palace. Lastly, there is Al Uqair or Ajeer Port as people of Al Ahsa Called.

Hotels at Al Ahsa City

Hotels at Al Ahsa City

Al Ahas City contains 28 hotels, among the most famous are five stars hotels like: Al Hofuf Hotel and Al Ahsa Intercontinental Hotel. Then, Coral Plaza Hotel as the most well-known among four stars. As well as, Al Ahsa contains hotel apartments like: Al Masem Luxury Hotel Suites, Bahr Al doha Hotel Apartment, Sama Al Sharq Hotel Apartment, and others.

Places of entertainment and shopping at Al Ahsa City

Places of entertainment and shopping at Al Ahsa City

Al Ahsa City contains number of popular markets such Al Qaisariyyah Market, Al Nesaa’ Popular Market, Al Swaig Market, Gold Market, the Trading Market at the popular village, which is the largest at Al Ahsa City and includes many antique restaurants.
In additions, Al Ahsa has many malls like: Al Fawares Complex Mall, which includes a collections of men and women products, children entertainment places, and restaurants. There are Al Othaim Mall, Al Ahsa Complex mall, which has international brands as well as supermarkets, restaurants, entertainment games for all ages; and Al Bustan Mall which contains all families needs such as food, clothes, restaurants, and places of entertainment.
Among the most significant amusement places at Al Ahas City are Al Ahsa National Park built to stop desert creeps towards the green city, then turned into a special place for families and youth, for it contains green gardens, swimming pools, children playgrounds, and other activities. Also King Abdullah Environmental Park, which is the largest at Eastern State and includes groups of dancing fountains and family seating and gathering.
Al Ahsa also includes the internationally well-known wellhead, Al Jawhariyah Wellhead made with a cold water inside it for those who like swimming. As well as Al Uqair Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches overlooking the Arabian Gulf at Al Ahsa City. And Al Asfar Lake where one can enjoy setting surrounded by water, palm, and sands.              

Hospitals and medical centres at Al Ahsa City

Hospitals and medical centres at Al Ahsa City

 Al Ahsa City contains many hospitals and medical centers ; for example, King Fahd Hospital, Saud Bin Jalawi Hospital, Maternity and Children Hospital, Mental Health Hospital, Eyes Hospital, Al Rashid Hospital for Children, Al Ahsa Hospital, King Faisal Hospital, and Al Jaber Kidney Center .

Universities and colleges at Al Ahsa City

Universities and colleges at Al Ahsa City

Al Ahsa City contains several universities and technical colleges include:
 King Faisal University
Arab Open University
Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University
King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences
Technical College
College of Teachers

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